Shape Keeper Scales Mobile Revenue with Playtime

Publisher Shape Keeper
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Founded in 2012, Shape Keeper is an app publisher based in Chengdu, China. Shape Keeper describes their start as a beautiful accident, initially created to publish fitness apps the publisher found its way into gaming. Today, Shape Keeper has published over 20 international apps, an additional 10 apps in China, and has reached over 3 million DAUs playing their games.


Given the ad tech industry’s dynamic nature, Shape Keeper sought to find a new monetization solution that would not only increase revenue but also diversify their dependence on other monetization platforms. After recent policy changes at one of their most important monetization partners, Shape Keeper found itself with a performance gap. adjoe’s time-based rewarded ad unit, Playtime proved itself to be the perfect solution to stabilize and then grow their revenue.


Playtime offers users a fresh and fun way to earn in-app currency without impacting the gameplay of the Shape Keeper apps. adjoe’s independence from the traditional mobile ecosystem and long-term expertise in user privacy made the Playtime ad unit an attractive bet given the current mobile landscape. 

How it works is Playtime rewards users in the currency of the Shape Keeper apps for their time spent playing 3rd party games. For every reward a user earns, they are then notified through toast notification of their earnings, driving users back into the Shape Keeper apps to continue playing. 


By introducing Playtime into the Shape Keeper apps, adjoe has grown to become part of their top 3 monetization partners, allowing Shape Keeper to achieve their goal of revenue diversity and achieving an overall revenue increase of 10%. 

Today, adjoe is already integrated in half of their internationally published apps with Playtime generating 1/3 of the overall revenue for Shape Keepers main app Spin for Cash. By pivoting their monetization strategy, Shape Keeper was not only able to make up for the lost revenue but also significantly increase the overall revenue of all the apps Playtime is implemented in. 

Traditionally, Shape Keeper limits the amount of rewarded ads shown in their games. However, they found that for adjoe it is actually beneficial to let the users access the ad unit without limitations as the reward notifications increase the engagement within the Shape Keeper apps. This has resulted in Playtime being the only rewarded format that has no restriction on user visibility since the gamified ad experience delivers re-engagement revenues on top of the direct monetization.

Business and Publishing Manager Becky Zhang, states “Playtime has become one of our core monetization platforms, thanks to its ability to engage users without adversely affecting the Shape Keeper gaming experience. Playtime’s power is seen by the strong user interest and high ARPDAU’s for the users engaging with the experience.” This favorability is demonstrated by the high user engagement rates as seen by apps like Spin for Cash, where as much as 50% of their users visit Playtime everyday.

Looking Forward

Shape Keeper intends to continue growing their portfolio of apps by publishing more games in different app categories, expanding on their real prize games as well as increasing the number of casual titles. You can expect to see more titles launched in their home turf in China as well as new titles overseas. As for adjoe and Shape Keeper, we plan to continue growing together as a core part of their monetization strategy. 

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